Around The Bend

by Bruce Nelson


Oil Paint on Hard Board

Find hidden glass balls as you walk up the beach following tracks and find a bear rounding the bend at the ahead of you. Framed with a brown barnwood moulding with a rusty bolts inner fillet






Trio of Western Sandpipers

by Bruce Nelson


Oil Paint on Hard Board

A trio of Western Sandpipers skitter up the surf in front of a glass ball. Framed with a blue-gray rustic moulding and a brown wood bevel fillet.






Halibut After the Bait

by Bruce Nelson


Oil Paint on Hard Board

A Halibut is after the bait at the bottom of the ocean. Framed in an aged steel cube moulding with a grey linen inner liner.






Whale Vertebrae and Glass Ball

by Bruce Nelson


Oil Paint on Stretched Canvas

The ultimate beach find awaits you on this beautiful canvas piece, a large glass ball nestled in the vertebrae of a whale skeleton. Framed with a contemporary grey bevel moulding.


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Octopus on a Buoy

by Veronica Samaniego


Acrylics, markers, resin ( mixed media)

An octopus is a beautiful creature. It's extremely intelligent, adapt to different environments with its many different colors.

Not For Sale






by Veronica Samaniego


Acrylics with resin coating

Mermaids remind me of being wild and free, and to live in the moment


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Sun Thief

by Kyla Turner



Acrylic on canvas