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Sami Ali

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I am an emerging artist with a curious nature and a love of a challenge. Growing up as a Vietnamese refugee - having fled to America as part of the American Embassy rooftop evacuation in 1975 during the fall of Saigon - I was taught to work hard and make the most of the opportunities. Science and a medical career was encouraged while pursing art was discouraged, even though I was always creative and artistic. After settling down into my emergency medicine career, I finally had time for my artistic pursuits. I never shy away from a challenge, so the challenge of alla prima painting, especially plein air painting, appealed to my sense of creativity and reward. Through plein air painting I realized that Nature isn’t just awesome, it’s actually super cool. I had been that person that would drive up to a lookout, take a photo which I would never look at again, and drive on. Now that I’m standing in one spot for hours painting I can finally see why a mountain is a purple majesty and that no two sunsets are alike. I hope that the awe, magic and inspiration I feel when I’m painting is conveyed to the viewer, who in turn may also have a greater appreciation for just how cool not only Nature is, but also how cool it is to be alive! I have a bold and whimsical approach to representational painting which contributes to my modern style, as does my textural use of paint. I love working in a wide landscape format as I see the world through this dynamic lens. Portraiture is the ultimate of painting challenges. While accuracy of form is necessary, capturing the person’s personality and essence is paramount. It is my form of the Sunday New York Times Crossword. Board Certified in Emergency Medicine, I continue to practice at the busiest emergency room in Alaska.

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