Age 12

My name is Yuria and i am a budding artist. I hate being put in a box and im an extra extrovert. I do art as a hobby and a way to express my feelings and emotions. I like using a 2B pencil for most of my artwork and my specialties are drawing hair, hands, eyes, and mostly Realistic things, but i cant recreate artwork. I hate using crayons but love using colored pencil. But when i met virtual art, i was in love. I never ran out of paper and could make a universe of art. I also have a disorder called A.D.H.D. And that also means that if I'm focused on art, ill draw for hours. I also like drawing sharp teeth and blood! Yes. Im a little girl who draws sharp teeth and blood. Im exited and cant wait for a virtual crab fest!


Age 8

A young Kodiak artist. She loves dragons, drawing and hockey.


Age 15



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