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Allison Middleton


As a stained glass artist and graphic designer, I want to populate the underlying structure of my work with the familiar, but offer a fresh perspective for the viewer to take notice. In my designs I value recognition over abstraction. But rather than working in photorealism or naturalism, I prefer taking that which is familiar and presenting it in unique ways. The inspired values are drawn from my faith, nature, travel, and the everyday experiences of my daily life. People find comfort in the accessible familiarity of my artwork, but in addition to the familiar they also find excitement in the unexpected. I love to challenge the way my audience views stained glass. This medium has stood the test of time and has so much traditional value. I enjoy taking this traditional art form and stretching it to new lengths as viewers experience it from a fresh and modern perspective. Structure, creativity, and service are the core values of my design practice. I am amazed at how these three principles not only bond me to my profession, but also unite me to my clients.

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