Meet Kodiak's 2021 Crab Fest artists

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Laura-Helene Amter

A mixed media artist originally from Estonia. I make installations and clothing. My main material is yarn. 90% of materials used in all projects are repurposed and recycled in order to reduce waste and keep sea monsters alive and well.

Work featured:

Amigo From the Abyss

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Artist's Website


Kai Anderson

Hey! I’m Kai, I was born and raised in Kodiak and grew up around boats. A majority of my inspiration comes from commercial fishing and pop culture. I love doing digital art, but making sculptures with my hands is my jam!

Work featured:

"Rock" Fish

large bowl.png

Susan Baker

I've always loved art and the process of making art. From an early age I was drawn to any crafting activities school offered. As I was taking drawing and painting in college I decided to take a ceramics class. The timing was right because there was a huge interest in reviving hand-made pottery at the time. So there were wonderful creative potters teaching in the field. The only other thing I can remember is that I was influenced by the ancient Japanese and Chinese pottery that I had seen in art museums.​

I have spent most of my adult life living on Kodiak Island. My creative process is profoundly influenced by the beauty of this place. I love mimicking nature as a constant presence as I'm working in clay. I love making functional pots and sharing the joy of using them on a daily basis.

Works featured:


Large Bowl

Medium Bowl

Bear Paw Mug

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Janet Bane

Janet is a retiree from Kodiak College who has studied many different forms of art and has a masters of art education from LSU.

Work featured:

A Gift For Mother

IMG_20210521_071052885 - Jennifer C Fost

Jennifer C. Foster

Work featured:



Nancy Haag

I see beauty and value in found materials, both natural and manmade. My house has jars of driftwood, rocks, sand, shells, sea glass and metal pieces on most window sills. I combine these in ways to share the interest and simple beauty of time and weather altered objects.

Works featured:

All In Good Time Necklace

All In Good Time Earrings

Beach Walk Necklace

Beach Walk Earrings

20210514_082007 - Terry Haines.jpg

Terry Haines

Art is its own reward

Work featured:

Driftwood #1

WIN_20210514_14_23_44_Pro - bones4bobbi@

Bobbi Hutcherson

Bones, the secret inner structure of life.  My art is intended to reflect the grace, beauty and abundance of nature.  Symbolic of the circle of life, always being reborn, recreating itself anew, never ending.  Using bones as a medium is truly a gift from life.

Works featured:

Rough Seas

Home Remedy

Crab Lilies


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WoodyKoning_1_Thumbs Up_2021 - Woody Kon

Woody Koning

Woody Koning is a long-time resident of Kodiak Island. He came here in his twenties to take a job in commercial salmon fishing and never left. He settled in Chiniak over forty years ago, married Verda and they raised two daughters “off the grid.”  Koning fished salmon, halibut, herring and crab which took him around the archipelago. Koning’s fascination with the beauty of the region and it’s amazing inhabitants finds it’s way into his artistic expression. Woody studied art at Foothill College in California prior to arriving on Kodiak Island. Heart issues put an end to his fishing career and he pursued work as a contractor and developer. Eventually, Woody’s heart gave way resulting in a heart transplant which forced his retirement. The time provided by his retirement and better health has allowed Koning to rekindle his work as an artist.

Work featured:

Thumbs Up

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Artist's Website

Mary Jane Longrich - Sarah

Mary Jane Longrich

I am a Kodiak born artist with an Alutiiq heritage. I enjoy the textures and colors of spruce forests, beaches, mountains, the light and the action of the sea, sky, clouds, fish, birds, and animals. I appreciate the old beads that have a history, were made by hand, traveled and been traded among cultures, and are each unique . . . I combine them with silver and sometimes vintage buttons or found items.  I hope to reflect the world in my art.

Works featured:

Red Breasted Merganser

Out of Chaos

Sterling Silver and Melon Bead Earrings

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Mary Mathes & Kay Underwood

Mary and Kay have been crafting together since the 70s. The combination Mary's designs and Kay's art become functional and fun bags that you will enjoy for a very long time.


Works featured:

Blueberries #1

Blueberries #2

Salmon for Dinner!

Catch Me if you Can

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BioPhoto - Sarah Culbertson.jpg

Bruce Nelson

Bruce Nelson, is local to Kodiak Island, but is known throughout Alaska as a painter that captures the wildlife and Alaskan scenery that we love. You will find glass balls, the beach sand of kodiak, birds, bears and of course the wild salmon and halibut in all their natural glory.

Works featured:

Around the Bend

Trio of Wester Sandpipers

Halibut After the Bait

Whale Vertebrae and Glass Ball

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Artist's Website

tempImageufRAjR - Andi Olsen.jpg

Andi Olsen

I consider myself more of a craft person than an artist.  I have been making clay creatures since I was in college.  I have made multiple garden monsters over the years and have donated many to the Arts Council for the Art Auction.  This year I have expanded my horizons a bit and came up with Kodiak Birds.  So far I have created this Eagle and a puffin.

Work featured:

Fishy Eagle

3E853E23-8F5D-4D5B-84D5-E5A720E90A81 - V

Vanessa Samaniego

I was born and raised on Kodiak Island. Love tide pulling and beach combing to collecting whatever shells I can find. I just have too much and finally my sister gave me the push to start making crafts with them.

Works featured:

What The Tide Brings In

What Dreams Are Made Of


Veronica Samaniego

I am heavily influenced by Kodiak and its natural environments. I enjoy exploring with different mediums and seeing what comes of that art project.

Works featured:

Octopus on a Buoy


Toci, Angela.jpg

Angela Toci

Angela Toci is an Alaskan artist and was born and raised on Kodiak Island. Drawing inspiration from her love of the ocean and nature she often uses sea water in her paintings to infuse a little bit of Alaska into her artwork. Her original pieces are also available in the form of art print, greeting card or vinyl sticker.

Works featured:

Frosty Owl

Frosty Morning Moorings

Jellyfish In A Sea Of Stars

Frosty Chickadee

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Artist's Website

Artist's Social Media

IMG_7944-2 - Sally Troxell.JPG

Sally Troxell

I come from a long line of quilt makers and seamstresses. I own quilts made by my Great-grandmother, Great Aunt, Grandmother and my Mother.  There are pictures of the last time I saw my Grandmother, of my sisters and I sitting at her feet as she tried to teach us how to tat.  My mother, a seamstress and quiltmaker,  taught me to knit and sew at a young age.

The first quilts I made were utilitarian-for my children, babies of friends.  But you only need so many quilts, so I started making Art quilts intended to hang on the wall. Then, and now, my quilts tend to represent Kodiak in some form. There is constant inspiration from this beautiful place where I am lucky enough to live.

 Several years ago, I was fortunate to attend a relief printing workshop with Evon Zerbetz.  After that, my work changed dramatically.  If I was going to incorporate my own printed images into my quilts, I wanted to print on fabric that I dyed myself, so I taught myself how to dye.  My pieces often incorporate embroidery, beads, and a variety of fiber embellishments.

I have had a piece juried into Earth, Fire, and Fiber at the Anchorage Museum, and the Kodiak History Museum received a Rasmuson grant to purchase four pieces for their permanent collection.

Works featured:


Jelly Fish

Morning Has Broken

Northern Light

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Kyla Turner

Born and raised in Alaska, I get my inspiration from the wild animals that roam throughout the state. I’m Aleut and love to tell stories through my pieces. After a rainy Kodiak winter I have been incorporating bright colors into my work. I’m a relatively new artist and this is my first show. I look forward to creating more pieces in the future.

Works featured:

Sun Thief


Caribou Sunset

SWALLOW HOUSES 16X20 - Antoinette Walker

Antoinette Walker

   In my work I strive to tell a story through my experiences and imagination. My creativity and life stories are expressed with coastal marine themes that capture the wild beauty of my home,Alaska.

    The medium of encaustic is my material of choice; a blend of molten beeswax, damar crystals, and pigment.

Work featured:

Swallow Houses

Evelyn W - Sarah Culbertson.jpg

Evelyn Wiszinckas

I like: flowers, trees, ravens, sea life, small things often overlooked, unusual ways of seeing, the beauty in things often considered to be ugly — all with oriental touches. I have pursued these items with camera, pencil, watercolor, oil paint, pastels, charcoal, and melted wax. I also like to give these tools a chance to play together and with whatever muse happens by. Then there’s the sharing with an audience: this sharing somehow completes a circuit.

Works featured:

Tie Dye Nature

Orange Tree


Black Bird