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BrittneyBodiePortrait - MoonFae2006 (1).


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Works Featured:

Kodiak Contemplation

Old Woman



me - Bonnie Dillard.jpg


Bonnie Dillard is a life-long artist who has a Bachelor’s degree in art education.  She taught visual arts at Kodiak High School for 20 years, including drawing, painting (watercolor and acrylic), printmaking, pottery and sculpture.  Within the past five years of retirement she has done a variety of “artist in the schools” residencies and workshops and currently volunteers teaching art at St. Mary’s school.  Drawing, painting and bringing others’ attention to the beauty of the natural world are her main passions in the art realm.

As an artist, Bonnie is now looking to increase her painting skills by proposing outrageous art installations and murals in her hometown of Kodiak.

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Works featured:

Water Exploration

Eva's Place

Uganik Out the Window

Feather Shadow



"I love to cut stuff!"

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Works featured:

Hiking Staff

Hudson's Bay Open Water Paddle

Swedish Cooking Spoon

Large Swedish Ladle

FullSizeRender 3 - Wes Hanna.jpeg


Needlepoint and nature keep me sane during Covid-19.

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Works featured:

Lupines on Pillar

Island Berries

DorthyHolm_BioPic - Sarah Culbertson.jpg


Dorothy Holm, known as Dotty, moved to Kodiak, with her husband and 3 children, in 1962. Inspired by the beauty around her, Dotty took up watercolors. Dotty is in her 90s now and continues to paint her favorite Kodiak vistas.

Featured works:

Shelikof Strait

Spruce Cape

My Yard

BioPhoto - Sarah Culbertson.jpg


Bruce Nelson is local to Kodiak Island, but is known throughout Alaska as a painter that captures the essence of Alaskan wildlife and landscapes.

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Works featured:

Glass Float with Lost Line

Beach Towels for Two

King Salmon After Plug

Glass Float on Barnacle Beach

IMG_6249 - Shelly Lawson.jpg


Shelly's art conveys her love of nature and Kodiak island. She works with watercolor, gouache, acrylic, acrylic ink and other mediums. Her art is playful and her style varies. She enjoys working with youth and others on art and nature projects and is a loyal nature journaler.

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Works featured:

Snow Odyssey

Yes to Adventures

Sunset Calm

Mill Bay Magic



I have always wanted to capture the beauty around me and keep it in a permanent form. I've learned watercolors through short workshops and mostly by trial and error and try again.

I love it here in Kodiak. There is always something exciting to see every day, even if it's just how hard the wind is blowing, or how beautiful the sky is on sunny days.

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Works Featured:

Tied up at Sunset

Off-loaded at the Old Cannery


Bluebird Shower Fun

IMG_6275 - Tim Longrich.JPG


Mary Jane Longrich is from a Kodiak family with Alutiiq ancestry.  She was born on the island and has lived in the Kodiak community most of her life. Interpreting the world through artistic expression has been important to Mary Jane since childhood.  She studied art in college and taught art in local schools.  She works in many mediums, including ceramics, sculpture, fiber, painting, drawing, and collage. "I enjoy the textures and colors of spruce forests, beaches, mountains, the light and the action of the sea, sky, clouds, fish, birds, and animals." Mary Jane uses vintage beads in her jewelry. "I appreciate the old beads that have a history, were made by hand, traveled and been traded among cultures, and are each unique . . . I combine them with silver and sometimes vintage buttons or found items.  I hope to reflect the world in my art."

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Works featured:

Chevron Bead Necklace

Blue and Green Earrings

Batik Bone and Black Bead Necklace

Batik bone and Horn Button Earrings

Indigo Stripe Necklace 

Indigo Stripe and Sterling Spiral Earrings

Blue Jean Necklace

Blue Jean Earrings



Jena Lowmaster grew up in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona. Before she came to Kodiak, she previously work in NYC and SF in photography and advertising. She currently resides in Kodiak with her husband Chas and their puppy Khione. She is a photographer, designer, avid skier and lover of the outdoors. Kodiak has been an inspiration to her creativity.

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Works featured:

2020 Crab Festival Poster



I moved to Kodiak in November 2018 and fell in love with its beauty and community. Art is an essential form of expression for me and I enjoy it through acrylic painting, pottery, music, writing, and dance. I'm submitting a series that has little to do with Kodiak's environment, but feels relevant to me today. I work as a psychiatrist and am interested in understanding people, culture and the influences of their external environments.

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Works featured:






Weaving is my solace.  I love color, I love texture, I love yarn.  Putting the three together is a natural thing for me.  I've been weaving a long time ever since my friend Cindy showed me her table loom.  My inspiration comes from all kinds of sources, but  mostly I like to make useful things. Towels, table runners, scarves and blankets.

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Featured Art:

Friendship Runner

BFF Hanika Runner



I'm Natasha, and I live with my family on Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska. I can't escape Alaska's influence on my work: coastal Alaska can be gray and green for long periods of time, but when it's sunny and bright here, it's unlike any place on earth! I delight in capturing those sudden moments in my work so that my art brings a happy burst of color to people's lives. I love working at markets, meeting locals and visitors, and making connections with the people who enjoy my designs. In addition to selling my art independently, my art can be found at retailers around the state.

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Works featured:

Summer Blues

Salmonberry Season


09956C75-42FA-4ED9-972E-997C2C0443BD - E


In 2013 I participated in a marine debris removal project with Island Trails Network on Tugidak Island. The shear volume of plastic pollution littering the beach of this uninhabited island inspired me to use my creativity to generate awareness about how our consumer habits were negatively impacting our ocean ecosystems. For the last 7 years I have participated in large scale clean ups and expeditions. Built sculptures for The Washed Ashore Project. Shared my work with students and educators and have partnered with various organizations around the world in an effort to educate and inspire positive changes in consumer habits.

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Works featured:


Halibut 122

Halibut 206


EricaRoss_BioPic - Sarah Culbertson.png


Born and raised in South Texas, Erica was immersed in Hispanic culture where she fell in love with the artwork and bold use of color. She started private painting lessons at the age of 6 with retired art teacher Norma Lynn Wood. Ms. Wood was a well known artist and teacher that had a very distinct 70’s impressionistic aesthetic. Merging Ms. Wood’s work and the art of the Hispanic culture, Erica’s artwork developed into an homage to the two than can be seen in her work today. Erica continued her art education through college where she received her Bachelor’s of science in interdisciplinary studies. After college she traveled through Europe and found herself living in different parts of our great nation. Each unique place offered a different style of art, inspiration, and classes that helped to grow her skill set.

When Erica is not painting or creating, she can be found at the beach or in her garden with her boys. She’d like to remind whoever is reading this and made it to the end that each day is a gift and we should all embrace the wild and beautiful ride. We all have a different lens that we view life through. Your view matters, is unique, and she encourages you to share it in your own creative outlet.

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Works featured:

Mountains Beyond Mountains

ingridsalmon - Ingrid Ruotsalainen.jpg


I began my life as an artist at the age of eight, making quilts with my mother in the living room of our home. Growing up our house was full of vibrant and colorful fabrics, rotary cutters, scissors used only for fabric and often quilting pins that had found their way to the floor. Luckily the destruction of a tangled mess of thread I created inside her mother’s sewing machine has not defined my future creating art. While my first love was quilting, I have explored many different mediums over the years, including batik, block printing, jewelry making, quilting, mosaic, weaving, etc. I often spend a several months learning about and exploring a new medium then move onto the next thing that interests me. In the last year wire and beads have maintained my interests in creating earrings. My interest in jewelry making stems from my own love of collecting fun and different earring designs made by Alaskan artists. I use a variety of beads including Czech beads, antique beads and other things I can find in my mom’s bead stash. It is an honor to have my jewelry worn by the locals of Kodiak.

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Works featured:

Midnight Embers Earring

Wildflower Trail Earring

Kodiak Strong Earring

Mermaid Tail Earring

750B86CB-DB11-40C3-B106-AFA0F43CF822 - V



Born and raised in Kodiak much of my art is inspired by Alaska. I love the vibrant colors that are all around, and how I live on an island that gets much of its livelihood from the sea. I also love mermaids!

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Works featured:

Beautiful Beast

Mermaid Daily Life




Genevieve Stevens has a lifelong interest in fiber arts, beginning with learning to sew at her grandmother's 100 year old treadle sewing machine. During a break from a teaching career, Ms. Stevens did graduate work in fibers and glass blowing at the Appalachian Center for Crafts, (Tennessee Tech University) where she developed an interest in weaving. Returning to Kodiak, Ms. Stevens purchased her 42 inch floor loom. In lieu of more traditional weaving fibers, use of upcycled clothing, draperies, bed sheets, chenille bedspreads, and hand-dyed or hand painted fabrics allows for a wide range of color and texture in her weavings.

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Works featured:

Blue Moons

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 9.51.56 AM.png


Angela Toci is a lifelong Alaskan and was born and raised on Kodiak Island.

Drawing inspiration from her love of the ocean and nature she uses sea water to add a little bit of Alaska to each piece she creates.

She lives in Kodiak with her husband and children.

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Works featured:

2020 Crabfest Art Show Feature Art Piece



I come from a long line of quilt makers and seamstresses. I own quilts made by my Great-grandmother, Great Aunt, Grandmother and my Mother.  There are pictures of the last time I saw my Grandmother, of my sisters and I sitting at her feet as she tried to teach us how to tat.  My mother, a seamstress and quiltmaker,  taught me to knit and sew at a young age.

The first quilts I made were utilitarian-for my children, babies of friends.  But you only need so many quilts, so I started making Art quilts intended to hang on the wall. Then, and now, my quilts tend to represent Kodiak in some form. There is constant inspiration from this beautiful place where I am lucky enough to live.

 Several years ago, I was fortunate to attend a relief printing workshop with Evon Zerbetz.  After that, my work changed dramatically.  If I was going to incorporate my own printed images into my quilts, I wanted to print on fabric that I dyed myself, so I taught myself how to dye.  My pieces often incorporate embroidery, beads, and a variety of fiber embellishments.

I have had a piece juried into Earth, Fire, and Fiber at the Anchorage Museum, and the Kodiak History Museum received a Rasmuson grant to purchase four pieces for their permanent collection.

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Works featured:



North Star



Photographer John Vinci is originally from New York and in 2012 John started to work seasonally on Afognak Island at Kitoi Bay Hatchery.  Starting in 2015 he became a year round employee.  He started photography just to capture the different species he has seen.  The main focus of his photography is wildlife and tries to focus on birds but lately has been focused on the bears and other wildlife on Afognak.  John decides to opt out of computer manipulation of colors and sharpness of his photos.  Several of John’s photos have been used over the years whether its part or an advertisement, calendar or coffee table book.  He enjoys taking photos and is hoping to continue for a long time.

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Works featured:

Ut Oh!

Sow Slap

Embracing Sow

Quadruplet Family Portait

AntoinetteWalker_BioPic - Sarah Culberts


Antoinette Walker is a contemporary Alaska artist capturing the marine and coastal life of her Island home of Kodiak, and Bristol Bay where she fishes for sockeye salmon. Kodiak and Bristol Bay are her primary sources of inspiration for her nautical and historical images of a fishery of by gone days. She has exhibited her art in solo and group art shows in Alaska and Arizona. Her work is in many public places, the Kodiak Public Library,  The Alutiiq Museum of Kodiak, The Baranov Museum also of Kodiak and the Pratt Museum of Homer.She has a piece in The Living Alaska, A Decade Of Collecting Contemporary Art In Alaska Museums which is traveling the state this year, and a piece in the All Alaska  Biennial Exhibition now on display in Anchorage

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Works featured:

Checking the Net

Landmark Pilot Point

Walking by


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