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Candace Branson

CandaceBranson_1_SelfPortrait - Candace Branson.jpg

I am Candace Branson, I also go by Cutmen (Choot-hmen), which is my Sugt’stun name, given to me by my fellow learners and Elder Sugt’stun language teachers. I am a member of the Sun’aq Tribe. My parents are Steve and Martha Branson, my grandparents were Phil and Edna (Tootsie) Ferris and my great grandparents were Martha (Pestrikoff) Shuravloff and Nick Shuravloff Sr. I am an Alutiiq Dancer with my husband David Tucker, and enjoy learning Alutiiq language and cultural practices.

In my artistic pursuits, I work in 3-D mediums including pottery, soapstone carving, beading, and have dabbled in quilting and weaving, but I love skin-sewing garments. I focus on creating items for use, inspired by incredibly engineered and gorgeous garments made hundreds to thousands of years ago in this region.

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