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Antoinette Walker


My creativity and life stories are expressed with coastal marine

themes that capture the wild beauty of my home, Alaska.

The medium of encaustic is my material of choice; a blend of

beeswax, damar crystals and pigment. Often using charts, scraps of

paper and found objects that are embedded in the wax medium.

I draw upon first hand experiences of fishing, its dangers and

excitement. Eroding river banks, weathered canneries, set net sites,

surfaces are beaten by heavy winds and torrential seas the rustic

landscapes tell a compelling story.With every year there are subtle

changes and inspirations for a fresh perspective. I’m drawn to these

surfaces with textural layers that disclose a story.

Using encaustic, painting, scraping, and scratching, I seek to

reveal pieces that speak of the past and present. For me, inspiration

is often a mystery. In painting, one thing inspires while another

fades away. As in the landscape, changes are absorbed and


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