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Antoinette Walker

antoinette - Antoinette Walker.jpeg

Raised on Kodiak Island Antoinette has always loved creating art. She is inspired by the coastal marine themes that capture the wild beauty of her home, Alaska.

She finds beauty in gray skies, approaching storms, and dying golden grasses. For her peeling paint ,rusted metal and rotting piers all tell a compelling story of the past, the forever changing landscapes.

 Antoinette fished in Bristol Bay for 20 years and is drawn upon the fisheries of the double ended sailboats, weathered canneries, set net shacks and eroding river banks.

She has worked in the medium of encaustic since 2002. Encaustic, a blend of beeswax ,damar crystals and pigment, heated to 225 degrees and painted while molten. She often imbeds  book pages, charts and images.She scrapes, gouges and scratches to help tell her story.

You can view her work at the Kodiak Public Library and the Credit Union !. 

The Alutiiq Museum of Kodiak, Historical Museum of Kodiak and the Pratt Museum of Homer have acquired her work.

Her work is in many collections through out Alaska and the lower 48.

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