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Mary Jane Longrich

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My name is Mary Jane Longrich, I am an Alutiiq artist. As a young child, I loved drawing painting and creating throughout school. I continued my interest in art, including sewing and designing many of my clothes. I studied art in college ,graduating with a BA in art and education. I enjoy working with children, and taught art in the Kodiak schools. Children are naturally creative, spontaneous and not self-conscious. I have worked and explored many mediums, including ceramics, sculpture, fiber arts, painting, drawing, collage, carving, and mixed medium. Currently most of my work is creating jewelry with antique and vintage beads, and sterling silver. I appreciate old beds that have a history, are made by hand, and have traveled and been traded among cultures, and are each unique. Textures, shapes, patterns, and colors of the spruce forest, beaches, mountains, and the light and action of the sea, sky, clouds, fish, birds, and animals all bring ideas to express through art.

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