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Brian Venua


My photography showcases the natural world and expresses how it felt to be there. I currently use a Fujifilm X-T4, with a variety of lenses from ultra wide to super telephoto. These tools allow me to compose my shots at nearly any focal length I might need. I believe the best images are true to conditions at hand, and only edited to better capture the energy of what it looked like to my eyes. I might introduce contrast or change my white balance in Lightroom, but I never composite images in photoshop. At most I will clone out distractions like dust on my lenses, twigs that could easily be moved, or shoot a multiple exposure in my camera, the same way someone shooting on film might. I got into photography during the pandemic, and for the first time, realized how beautiful Alaska is. I grew up in Dillingham, and being surrounded by the same scenes every day, I became blind to how incredible it was until I left for college. I was inspired to buy my first camera and learn everything I could about photography. I bought a few video classes online, and still study composition and best practices for photography nearly every day.

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